Watch the Latest Bingo Adverts on TV

There are lots of TV adverts appearing on television at the moment so we thought we’d compile a list. This web page will show all the adverts that are currently being shown on UK TV or have been shown. Some are good and some are terrible, but one thing is for sure, it also kills a bit of time! When you’ve watched the video you can either check out our review or head on over to the bingo site to see what all the fuss is about! But just watch out as some of the offers some on the advert may no longer be available or they may have changed.

Bright Bingo
Here’s an advert from bright bingo. This one of those websites that is a little different from the norm. That is because they have broken from the norm and have decided to use their own software. This makes the gaming expereince a unique one, but this also means it may not be to everyones taste. If you want to know more then be sure to read our review.



Blink and you’ll miss it! This advert from GameVillage is only 10 seconds long. Therefore you can’t say that its not short, sweet and too the point. This is one of those bingo sites where they regularly change the offer so be sure you don’t get caught out. They use there own developed software so offer a bit of a more unique gaming experience.

banner advertising latest offer at gamevillage

BGO Bingo
Here we have an example of how much money there is in television adverts. Bgo have gone all out and now have Paris Hilton as the star of their TV Ads. It makes you wonder how big their budget is! Bgo offers bingo, as well as casino and other games all under one roof. Their deposit bonus for new players is generous and the offers are always unique and tailored. In case you were wondering they also use VirtueFusion software. But if you want to know more then check out our Bgo review here.

banner showing the bgo bingo logo

Betfair Bingo
Betfair is one of those bingo sites who started out as an online bookmaker and then decided to branch out in to the world of bingo. There deposit bonuses are usually pretty good as are their promotions. They use VirtueFusion to power their website. This particular advert is a bit odd! It shows how you can play on your mobile anywhere and some of the backdrops are definitely a bit unusual! But if you want to know more about then read our betfair review.

banner showing the latest offer from betfair  bingo

Sky Bingo
Unless you live on the moon you’d have heard of Sky TV. It is no surprise that the TV giant also has a TV advert for its bingo site. As it goes it’s one of the better websites out there with a really good deposit bonus. This particular is not very exciting or funny. It runs through all the latest bonuses, which are pretty impressive so maybe you’ll want to watch it all the way through. If you want to know more then head on over to our sky bingo review.

banner showing sky bingo banner

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