Online Bingo Reviews

July 2021

An introduction to Online Bingo Reviews by Top Online Bingo

Discover the A-Z list of Bingo Sites and links to their reviews. Here you can find all of the bingo sites that we list and recommend in an a-z list format. There are also links to all the reviews. The reviews include an general over view, screen shots and a short video. The video will allow you to see what the site looks like behind the scenes.

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List of Online Bingo Reviews online sites

  • PlayOJO Bingo
  • Mecca Bingo
  • Buzz Bingo
  • BetVictor Bingo
  • Gala Bingo
  • Paddy Power Bingo
  • Kitty Bingo
  • Mirror Bingo
  • Lucky Pants Bingo
  • Katies Bingo
  • Barbados Bingo
  • Butlers Bingo
  • Betfair Bingo
  • Zeus Bingo
  • OK Bingo

Summing up Online Bingo Reviews by Top Online Bingo

Online Bingo Sites - How do I choose the best one for me?

We have one aim – to bring you detailed information to help you make an informed judgement. Our aim is to provide a thorough inspection so that you can have all the information you need about a particular bingo site. Whether you are looking for free money or a big deposit bonus, it is always a good idea to check out the background in the first instance. This is why looking at reviews can be a good idea. They help you gain an understanding of all the terms and conditions and also help point out any major criticism along with any positives. It is our aim to remain unbiased and focused on our objective. This objection is to provide genuine and honest bingo reviews. We also have a unique feature – each of our reviews includes special behind the scenes access. So not only can read a detailed analytical report you can now also see the bingo site for yourself to help you make the right choice.

There is no doubt that reviews raise an eyebrow. More often than not they can be considered fake. In modern world it is all too easy for someone to produce a website and then fill it with fake reviews which are all ‘positive’. We’ve done it, gone online to check out what people have said about a hotel, car, supermarket – anything, and this is no different for bingo. The internet is awash with websites which offer bogus and fake reviews. But we can hear you asking ‘how do we know your reviews are not fake?’. This is a very good question, and in truth you’ll only her able to know that by reading our write ups. But there is one key element which is hugely different and makes us stand out from the crowd.

We are different because each website that is placed under the periscope for inspection, also has a video review. So why is it a big deal to have a video review? The point with videos is that you cannot hide. Your eyes cannot tell you any lies and with a video everything is laid bare for all to see the truth. Our videos show you the home, the lobby area and the games rooms. Essentially they cover all the important aspects. That way you’ll be ab le to see whether you’re joining another dragonfish fish or cozy games site. The videos are not too long to bore you, but are just long enough to give you a flavour of what to expect should you decide to sign on the dotted line.

Within the written report a number of key elements are considered. We put together a check list of items which we feel are important and then mention them one by one. The design is mentioned but is also irrelevant as you can watch the video to see for yourself. So what items are on the checklist? Well one of the first things we look at is the license held by that particular operator. This is massively important because bingo is a form of gambling. There are very strict laws in the UK around online gambling and therefore it is very important to us a bingo site complies with all the necessary laws by having the correct license. If there is no license in the right and proper jurisdiction then we will immediately abandon the review. That way you can be sure that only the safest websites are found in our reviews directory.

One area where time is spent is researching the terms and conditions. This may seem like a dull and boring exercise but we feel it is hugely important. If no one were to read the T&Cs what kind of mess would we all end up in? We look at the main focal points of wagering requirements and withdrawal requirements. Both of these are intwined with one another, because without one or the other winnings cannot be withdrawn. In each of our written reports we lay out the law and explain exactly what is required before you can withdraw winnings. That way you have total transparency and will be able to make more of an informed choice. It can be confusing to know exactly how the withdrawal process works, but as we do it on a daily basis it helps that we know what we are looking for. We then aim to pass this knowledge on to you.

A brief area considered is the registration process. But more often than not this is very simple. We like to point out if a debit or credit card is needed at this point. We then check to see whether it is safe to enter these details or not and then pass the information on to your.

The reason you’re looking at a review is because you want to know more about the online bingo site which you’re considered joining. So we also look at the games selection once you’re a member. Is it just another tired old boring carbon copy of a website that was released just two weeks before it? If it is then we will tell you. There really is no need to be duped or conned into depositing with a bingo site that feels just like the one you were playing at the night before. It is all laid out in a way so you’ll be able to tell if the games are unique or found at many other bingo operator sites.

We feel the only way of truly understanding is by reading through a number of our reviews and watching the videos. We hope that we can gain our trust and that you’ll realise there are not paid fake reviews, just open and honest advice.

Extra Details

  • Butlers Bingo

    If you like the finer things in life and are looking for a bingo site with your own personal service, Butlers Bingo is for you. The Butler himself is the website’s mascot, and whatever you need to find out or do, you can be sure he’ll be close at hand. Dashing and debonair, The Butler...

  • Kitty Bingo

    If you’re looking for some feline-inspired action in your gaming session, Kitty Bingo is the site for you. If you’re a cat lover, there’s finally a site that loves your four-pawed friends as much as you do. Launched in 2012 this site promises great things, especially as it comes from the developers behind many of...

  • Paddy Power Bingo

    There’s always something exciting happening at Paddy Power Bingo. With scheduled bingo games taking place round the clock and a huge range of promos to get you started as a new player, it’s no wonder why it’s such a popular choice for many gamers. Paddy Power is a true powerhouse in the world of sports...

  • BetVictor Bingo

    BetVictor is stepping out of its comfort zone with its newest addition to the site- BetVictor Bingo! It's exciting to see the sports and casino giant move towards a softer game, including bingo in its already-packed games catalogue. Players can explore the new bingo rooms in their own section of the site.

  • OK Bingo

    Check out OK Bingo today, the new Bingo site launched by the popular UK magazine OK! The site is complete with a range of different Bingo rooms, hundreds of slots games and plenty of promotions to keep you entertained.

  • Lucky Pants Bingo

    Lucky Pants Bingo offers an “enjoyable, original, and fun environment,” and the brand prides itself on being exceptionally customer-friendly. What’s more, it’s not just for UK players to enjoy, as players from certain European countries (see the site for full details), Australians and Canadians are also welcome too. There’s no software to download so that...