Our Guide to Pay By Text Bingo Sites

March 2021

List of Our Guide to Pay By Text Bingo Sites online sites

  • Lucky Wheel Bingo
  • Charming Bingo
  • Volcano Bingo
  • Free Spirit Bingo

Summing up Our Guide to Pay By Text Bingo Sites by Top Online Bingo

How does pay by text bingo work?

When you pay by text to add funds to your bingo account, you are essentially adding the money that you are depositing to your monthly phone bill. Alternatively, if you have a pay as you go phone, the credit you have charged to your phone will be taken. To pay by text or sms message there is usually a limit imposed. This does vary between the different pay by text bingo sites but on the whole it is limited to £30. If you do decide to pay by sms you must remember that the amount is added to your phone bill along with any other additional costs that you may have from using your mobile phone.

To pay by text message is in fact very easy. When you register a new account you also provide your mobile phone number. This number is then remembered by the bingo operator so all you have to do the next time you deposit is simply text how much you actually wish to deposit. You can also use your landline to deposit funds to your account with the bingo sites we have shown on this page. Using your landline works in exactly the same way as paying by text message, that the amount you choose to deposit is simply added to your monthly phone bill. Again, there are limits as to the amount you can deposit, which is usually £30.

It may seem obvious but there is a difference between mobile bingo sites and pay by text bingo sites. The majority of online bingo sites have a mobile presence. This means that when you join and play at one of these bingo sites on your mobile phone the site is automatically geared up to work. It is simply a mobile version of what you would play on the internet. But there is one major difference. These mobile bingo sites won’t let you pay by text message. You can still use your mobile phone to play bingo and make deposits, but the deposits need to be done in the traditional way through using debit or credit cards, paypal and so on. That is the difference from the bingo sites found on this page. The sites found here will let you pay by text or sms or even your normal phone bill. There is a difference between a mobile bingo site and a pay by text bingo site so just ensure you are aware of the differences.

What dangers to look out for when using a pay by text bingo site

There is lots of hidden small print within the terms and conditions of pay by text bingo sites. One of these terms that can easily be missed relates to the deposit bonuses on offer. For some reason, if you make your first deposit by text message this will not trigger the deposit bonus. If you are expecting a bonus and don’t receive one then this is the likely answer as to why you did not receive it. There is no reason for this but it does catch a lot of mobile bingo players out so be sure to carefully read the terms of the deposit bonus just to make sure. There is another issue. A lot of pay by text bingo sites tends to have ridiculously high wagering requirements. At some sites this is as high as 50X. Just make sure that you have read the terms carefully to be aware exactly what wagering requirements are attached to the deposit bonus.

It also goes without saying that because it is really easy to pay for bingo by text message or phone bill, that this can also cause problems. It is very easy to quickly run up debt on your mobile phone bill without even realising it. There have been numerous cases of bingo players who have not been able to meet there mobile phone payments. If you do decide to use a pay by text bingo site then be sure to keep an eye on how much you are depositing to be sure you do not run into any financial problems or difficulties and that you can always afford to pay your mobile phone provider.

More Details

  • Charming Bingo

    Charming Bingo from Jumpman Gaming is glittery and sparkly, with a purple and gold theme. The site offers bingo, slots, and casino games for players to enjoy, and there are tonnes to choose from with plenty of variety. There are promotions available too, including rewards, competitions, and prize wheels.